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Wheel strip kit for Blk & Silv 2008 ?????

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Rim Stripes for Blk & Silv 2008 ???

Whats up everyone??

Just checking to see if any Black and Silver owners have installed Rim Stripes to their bikes yet. I like the look but not sure what color to go with. Im leaning towards Silver. If anyone has pictures of theirs would love to see them. Thanks...:thumbsup:

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I saw a pic somewhere with red accents on the black and silver. I thought it looked really good, so i may consider getting that painted on mines.
that's the color scheme I'm shooting for. I've got a few red pieces around my black/silver and the red wheel strips are gonna be next. So long as it's not over done I think the red accents will be a nice touch
I ordered a 6mm silver stripe kit the other day. It showed up yesterday and I installed them. I peeled them back off after 10 Minutes before they dryed. I just didnt like how the silver looked breaking up the all black rim and tire look. Its hard to describe but it took away the stealthy look of the bike somehow? I should have taken some pics for you guys to see but I was in such a delema I didnt think about it at the time. I think now after seeing it a RED stripe would have looked much better.

One other tip for you guys doing the red accent, If you order the fireblade sticker for the 09 HRC bike from the UK the lettering is red, much like the one in my sig, that would be a nice touch for the US bikes.

Food for thought.

Yeah, I couldn't help but think that the silver tape would look like a thinner version of white walls... well if you do get the red on remember to take some pics for us!
I'll make sure to put up some pics once i do. I really think the red accents look hot.
I think i have the red stripes you saw i can't seem to post pics on these threads but i did put some up in the member gallery


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I think i have the red stripes you saw i can't seem to post pics on these threads but i did put some up in the member gallery
Yeah that's the one. That accent with the silver/black looks great. :) I'm looking around town for someone to get it done. :thumbsup:
Ok guys I called lings (not that you have to use them) and got the part number for the red Fireblade sticker. 64812 MFL 760ZC the description is MARK,FIREB*TYPE3* meaning Mark (sticker) Fireb (fireblade) type3 (HRC).

I will put the same information on this posting as well which includes the ordering information


i think the bike would look good with white strips..
Black stripes.
the red really looks good...a few more red accents wouldn't hurt but don't go overboard.
Rim tape is Gay!

I'd watch the choice of verbage, ant.

I got a weeks vacation for using similar.
Really, point taken then.

In my last forum ( when members asked about rim tape, most of the replys were "Gay" or something similar. But i have noticed things are a little politer round here.
I'd edit that post, ant.

If/when the mods see this, they may take a swing.
with shipping from uk the fireblade stickers were going to cost around $40 so
I had some made. They look much better in person


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Yeah it looks good.

I want 1000RR stickers on my blade cos im fed up with riders asking if its a 600.
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