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where can i get a red under tail for a repsol

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I saw one on here but i forgot where

it was on an 09 repsol and the fender was eliminated and it was color matched to the red on the whole tail

thank you
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call the number in my sig
Yeah, that was a Hotbodies FE/undertail you saw, but you may want to order it unpainted and then take it to your local paint shop and have them color match it. A lot of people report that Hotbodies color match isn't good. You should PM sportsmed to see if he ordered the painted version or if he had it painted at a local shop.
Or you can buy the one I have at home for $100 shipped!! PM me if interested.
I have to admitt the color matching on the Hotbodies isn't that great. Nonetheless, let me know how much is the going price for an unpainted one and I will beat that offer on my red one so that you have some extra cash to have it professionally painted.
ok well i will find out cuz my buddy is a dealer for them
i thought i saw one without blinkers (meaning it was not hotbodies)
ill look some more
Your Best Bet is to Give Brad or Mary a call at SuperBike Supply 828-252-2280, top notch!
ill call them monday
I really dont like hot bodies
i had a dbl bubble shield from them and it was so cheap
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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