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That was worth at least $.04....:p
Also soflo went right over my head....I get it now.
I like this conversation. Hopefully it will help soflo in buying a bike.
But I'm liking all the feedback in case I ever jump from my 05.
Sweat is forming on my forehead just thinking about it....:rolleyes:
most people miss the meaning of that acronym unless they are from the area or have lived here for any amount of time. I also like the conversation because it gives me some insight into some of the other bikes that I don't readily have access to. People's experience with something is always a good gauge to take into account when looking to buy something you haven't experienced yourself. I did ALOT of research on the sc77 (about 3-4 months worth) before I decided to pull the trigger on it.
So, if our collective insights can somehow help a fellow enthusiast make an informed and educated decision, then I'm all for putting forth my $.04, as you so eloquently put it... (y)
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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