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Which Bike?

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I am looking at a very good condition cbr 954 with
4k miles around $6500 vs a new cbr 600RR.
which should I go for, price not the issue?
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is this your first bike? 6500 could get you a 1000rr, but for a first bike id go with the 600. if it is between the 954 or the new 600 id go 600.
I had a 954 and could never get the head shake out of it. The new 600's will kill that old 954.
New 600rr, or used 1krr, unless it's your first bike of course :D
954's are cool bike, but I'd have to lean towards the 600. I'd have to agree with everyone about looking for a 1000rr over the other 2 bikes.
600, more fun, period. Have owned both and I just love railing the 600. Still need more seat time with the 1000 before I can say the same.
It depends on the type of riding you'll be doing. If you're going to be riding in the city a lot and/or it's a commuter bike, you'll really appreciate the extra torque of the 954. That's one of the biggest reasons I went from a 600RR to a 1000RR -- I hated having the dead spot from 0-6000rpms on the 600.
Who is out of their mind asking 6500 for a 954? It had better have a full Ohlins front and rear and Full gaffer front and rear along with every other upgrade on the planet.
New CBR 600RR.
Thanks for the feedback. I thought the 600 would be better atleast
technologically speaking. I will be doing alot of commuting as I want
it to be a daily rider so now I am thinking 1000rr but how hot do the
underseat exhausts get? Should I maybe just pop for a new 100RR?
600rr by mile! And $6500 for a 954 with 4k is absurd!
+1 with just about everyone else!

For $6,500.00 you can easily find a 07 600RR and it's just an absolutely AWESOME bike!

IMO, the only bike that is as good and maybe slightly better would be the 08+ 1000RR (which is why I have both :D)

The 954's are awesome bikes (I had 2 of them) but not for more than $4,000-$4,500
what they ^^^ said ;)
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