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Who was at NJMP on sunday?

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I know that wolley was there but i saw a guy with a black sweatshirt on but i didnt get a chance to say hi to him. Sure was a crashfest out there.

Hey wolley how close was i to that highside friday? my butt and feet leaving the bike was not something i had planned. i wish i would have had my camera on the bike during that session.
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Pix of the near miss, Eminem!
I've had better but it was pretty good. :thumbsup:

I was killing hem in my group. Should have tried to get out there a few more times with you but I'll give you a chance to learn the new ride before I start buzzing you :thefinger:
sorry silvy no pics or footage of it.

i ran a 1:23.71 at main on monday. you missed a great day. hardly anyone there. im kinda questioning my laptimer. i had that 1:23 and my 2nd best time was a 1:28 flat i think. i wasnt getting towed along by an CR's either. i was running 1:28's and 1:29's fairly consistantly when i didnt have traffic. not bad for my first weekend on the new bike. didnt even set the sag and stuff yet. didnt have time. moon made a few quick adjustments just by feel and that was it. hopefully friday night or saturday morning at beaver i can get the sag set. you going out wolley?
I should be at Quantico this weekend. Still need to know if my Vac time is approved but that's generally a formality. I want to try and stop by the shop sometime this week. Maybe tonight if I can get out at a decent time

If it was a one off time and you didn't feel like you were pushing any harder than yeah I'd have to question it, Especially since the rest of the times were significantly higher. I still have yet to break into the teens there. Best I've managed was a 1.20.002. Soooo close but I'll make it this year or toss her into the the weeds
oh cool your going down there. that sounds like a good time. I think tonight might be the only night im not at the shop. i was last night for an hr or so unloading bikes and fueling them up. tomorrow night i think i will be there helping pack everything up and maybe wipe down the chrome and clean the wheels on the hauler.

I knew i had a good lap but i didnt think it was that much better then the rest. i could have believed full second, heck even 2 faster cuz i was rolling nice but 4 plus seconds, im not so sure about.
I was there this past Sunday, but is anyone heading down to NJMP on 4-26?
what bike where you on? Um, im not planning on going the 26th but who knows. I actually am riding I group on a blue camo 08 R6 #10
Ooops:beat:, I meant to say that I WASN'T there this past Sunday. I'll be on an 08 HRC 1000rr on 4-26. It will be my first trackday on this bike and at NJMP. I'll be taking it easy
oh ok. well maybe i will come out. we will see. seems like that place breads traffic jams and people crashing all the time. it was probably just people all amped up because its the begining of the season.
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