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Will this link work on a 04

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I recently found out my new to me 04 1krr has a lowering link which i do not want. Im 6'4'' i don tthink i need to lower my bike I found this one off a 06 is thier any differance would this work or what years will work
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the 06/07 link is a bit longer than 04/05. the 06/07 shock and link is able to be swapped out for 04/05 and is a common mod as it is much more compliant if you do a search here i am sure you will find out some would be wise to get the shock as well to suit that link surely someone on here would have a part to help you, i have a 04/05 shock with racetech valve and link in the garage if interested pm me only thing is i am in australia so postage might eat up some dollars
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