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So i bought a hotbodies windscreen for my 07 1krr. When i installed it the bottom now overlaps the running light slightly instead of sitting flush. I cannot tell if its supposed to do this because its a double bubble and the windscreen iscurved sharper or if its just faulty. Did anyone else have this problem?
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When I had my DB Hotbodies on my 06, it sat flush with the top of the light. Sound like you may have a faulty one or your front stay may be tweeked a bit.
im thinking its faulty. I think im gonna email them and see what they say. i wasnt expecting it to fit like factory but this is pretty bad. it overlaps the light by about 1/8 inch and it wont line up no matter what i do
i have a sportech on my 06 and it has a gap
so what fits perfect then????
does anyone have a puig or zero gravity? How did they fit?
I've got a Zero Gravity Dark Smoke one that fit's great....Came with the bike.
I want to get rid of it and get a Dual Radius style one though.
Sounds like you have a faulty one. I have a Puig DB, works and fits great, no gap or overlap.
I have a smoke ZG touring shield and it fits pretty good although the middle fastener on one side was pretty tough to get it lined up.
Its not gonna slow ya down or anything. :laugh:
double ditto...i think of of it as ram air
ya but the light on the front shines up where the gauges are now at night... and it looks like [email protected]#$
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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