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worn tire safety question...

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I have about 3k on my 08 with the stock dunlops. the center is pretty well down to the wear bars and the sides are still in decent shape (damned straight Iowa roads..)

anyway, I am taking a trip to chicago in a couple of weeks and I am curious if this tire will last the trip, or if I should put a new one on before I go and put all those miles on the center of the new tire?

I am planning on getting bt-016's but I dont want to wear down the center in a weekend just because its a long straight trip...

any suggestions? the trip will be around 750ish miles total give or take with riding around town and meeting up with some friends on the way over.

lmk what you guys think
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Sounds like your going to be just slabbing it? If so I would wait till I was home to get new rubber. Just my .02 though.
yeah no hard riding... going to a car show... I guess if it looks questionable when I get there I can always find a shop local and get a tire if it needs it.
wait till you get home to put the bs on.......then move somewhere that has curves (listen to me...I live in friggin northern Indiana!!:th_SmlyROFL:)
It'd be a waste of a new tyre just to square it off too. Run the old one.
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