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This ABS system was removed from a 2009 CBR1000RA in perfect working condition. All parts are wiped clean, lines are washed with detergent, blown dry, and orfices taped shut.

Asking $750 or best offer.

Included in this sale:

Front valve unit + mounting bracket
Rear valve unit + mounting bracket
Front pump unit + heat shield/bracket
Rear pump unit
All steel brake lines (no bending)
Rear sub-frame mount for brake line
Front mount for brake line
Vent hose
ABS sensors (2x)
Galfer stainless braided brake lines + 2 extra lines for Brembo calipers (higher banjo hole)

NOT included in this sale but required for ABS to function:

Wiring harness (main harness is different + ABS harness $100-150)
ABS specific battery tray and rear sub-frame parts
method to mount sensors/pulse rings
ABS specific dash indicator (or wire a LED for the ABS light)


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