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WTT 06-07 black pc'd rearsets for anodized black rearsets

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I've got a set of black powder coated woodcraft rearsets on my 06, and I just bought a set of black anodized "universal" woodcraft footpegs from a member on here, only to find that they don't fit the 1000rr footpegs.

However, I realized that I like the finish of the anodized footpegs a lot better than powder, so I'd like to trade my pc'd black rearsets for some anodized rearsets. Anybody interested?

These rearsets are very simple, easy to work on, fixed position, and move the footpeg back 1" and up 1", and since the shifter linkage pivots from the footpeg, they can be switched to GP shift pattern in about 10 seconds (how I'm running them now).

I can't sell these outright unless I've got another set of rearsets to put on, so for now, they are for trade. Let me know what you've got!

- Bryan

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